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Have you experienced any or all the following symptoms: chest pain or discomfort; pressure or pain in the arms, back, jaw, or throat; dizziness and/or fatigue; and sweating and/or nausea? If so, then you may be exhibiting the early signs of heart disease or cardiovascular disease. But even if you do not show these symptoms, yet have risk factors such as being overweight or having a family history of heart health issues, you may also be in danger of either having heart disease now or developing it in the future.

With that in mind, there is one Magnolia cardiology clinic you should make it your business to visit—and that is Houston Heart Center. We provide affordable, reliable heart and cardiovascular care for patients of various ages, sexes and health statuses. Our qualified team of cardiologists are equipped to diagnose the state of your heart and cardiovascular system and can provide, if needed, the appropriate treatment to reduce, if not eliminate, painful and discomforting symptoms. As part of our examination processes, we use a noninvasive cardiac PET scanner that is designed to detect coronary heart disease. This state-of-the-art technology is an important tool for the prevention of certain forms of heart disease and is just one of the many tools at our disposal in managing symptoms before they start.

Meeting with Your Magnolia Cardiology Experts

So what exactly is cardiology and its relationship to heart and cardiovascular health? In a nutshell, cardiology is the study and treatment of diseases and abnormalities that affect the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart, blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, lymph nodes and glands. Both the heart and the cardiovascular system that supports it are so biologically complex that cardiovascular specialists are often needed to work on a specific form of heart disease.

If you report symptoms that may be linked with heart disease, you will likely be examined by a primary care physician first. From there, the physician will refer you to a cardiologist who can provide more specialized care depending on the type of heart health signs you exhibit. Based on his or her diagnosis, the cardiologist may then recommend treatments that specifically target your condition; treatments may include medications, recommendations for a particular exercise and/or diet regimen, and even surgery in some cases. Although other physicians may also get involved in your care, the cardiologist is ultimately the point person in terms of directing how your care is administered.

While signs and symptoms of heart disease can manifest themselves differently in different people, there are certain risk factors to be aware of. These include the following:

  • smoking tobacco and/or drinking alcohol on a regular basis
  • a sedentary lifestyle combined with low physical activity
  • obesity combined with a high salt/high sugar diet
  • a propensity for or family history of diabetes and related diseases
  • high levels of stress, whether at home or at the workplace
  • a combination of one or more of the above factors

When it comes to your heart health, it is best not to leave things to chance—instead, trust in the relaible hands of Houston Heart Center’s expert cardiologists. Schedule your appointment today by calling 281-351-4911.



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We are fully operational and available for your cardiac care needs.
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